FAITH is a member of a popular television show fandom and wins a contest to visit Edinburgh, Scotland, and spend the day with the male lead, ANDREW. She turns this win into a week-long adventure with plans of Munro bagging, mountain bike riding, and a rugby match. Once Andrew finds out Faith’s plan to hike up a nearby mountain the next day, he invites himself along. Because of a previous divorce as well as the death of her father, Faith has put up walls where the opposite sex is concerned, but after a relaxing and fun day, she agrees.

As Faith and Andrew climb Ben Vorlich, they discover they have quite a bit in common. They also discover a mutual attraction and commit to spending the week together. Faith and Andrew are inseparable and throughout their ventures, Andrew innocently tweets lots of photos which eventually creates a backlash throughout the fandom. Initially, Andrew does not share this development with Faith and when she discovers what he’s been keeping from her, she’s upset by it, but resigns herself to enjoying the remainder of the week considering she will never see Andrew again once she leaves Scotland.

Andrew broaches the subject of perhaps continuing their relationship, but Faith lists all of the reasons why a relationship is impossible for them. Ultimately, Andrew accepts Faith’s point-of-view and they say their goodbyes. As Faith is waiting for her flight home, she begins to feel panicked that she made a mistake in dismissing a possible relationship with Andrew. Fortunately, Andrew has the same revelation and appears in the airport before Faith goes through security. They agree to give it a try and since Andrew is scheduled to spend the next four months in Los Angeles, they make plans to see each other again.

Back in Houston, Faith falls back into her routine of work, spending time with her best friend since college, and visiting her daughter and grandparents in nearby Austin. Although Andrew is never far from her thoughts, she keeps her reservations in her thoughts as well. Once Andrew is settled in Los Angeles, he makes plans to visit Faith in Houston much to his management’s annoyance. They enjoy an uneventful few days and before leaving, Andrew proposes they enter into a committed relationship to which Faith agrees.

After prodding from her daughter, Faith goes on Twitter and sees a video and various pictures of Andrew with other women. Andrew explains this is a public relations ploy, but an already wary Faith reconfirms her reluctance to go all in with their relationship especially since Andrew seems to have some inexperience in the ways of committed relationships.

After a heart-to-heart with her best friend, Faith decides to have a new outlook on life and when it’s time to visit Andrew in Los Angeles, she’s completely open to figuring out how to make their relationship work. Once again, Andrew keeps something major from Faith which causes her to dismiss their relationship completely.

Weeks go by and although Andrew calls every single day, Faith does not budge. Andrew makes public declarations of his love for Faith, but this tactic irritates her more than moving her back towards him. He doesn’t give up though and with the support of her family, unbeknownst to Faith, Andrew asks Faith to marry him.  Will she accept?