Mind of the Phoenix by Jamie McLachlan
Mind of the Phoenix
by Jamie McLachlan (Goodreads Author)

Aug 27, 15 ·  edit

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Read from August 21 to 27, 2015

This book epitomizes the phrase “leave them wanting more.” I knew I was getting to the end, but I wanted it to last so much longer. Thankfully, there will be a sequel. There are some questions answered, but the important ones still linger.

Moira has not had it easy as a slave and concubine. In the world she lives in, she hasn’t had many choices and this has severely affected her outlook. Every decision she makes is colored by her past until she begins to trust and love (completely unbeknownst to even her) the detective she’s paired with to solve the identity of the mysterious Phoenix.

Like her dream weavers, the author constructs a world that feels real and is somewhere I can easily visualize. I am reminded of The Infernal Devices, a series I dearly love.

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