A Thing of Beauty by Bianca M. Schwarz
A Thing of Beauty
by Bianca M. Schwarz (Goodreads Author)

Sep 10, 15 ·  edit
Read from September 08 to 09, 2015

I love historical fiction set in the UK. Add in mystery and romance – even better. So I had high expectations when I began this novel.

It did not disappoint.

The heroine, Eliza, is beautiful, smart, strong, and by all accounts, should be damaged beyond belief. But it was the hero, Sir Henry, who stole the show for me. He is a proper hero: physically attractive, brave, insanely rich, but most of all, kind and good. He doesn’t give a second thought to do for others, especially Eliza in her broken state.

As the mystery unfolds, we are introduced to the author’s vivid descriptions. At the retelling of a particularly horrendous act, we are dumped into the scene – the last place we want to be. The graphic nature with how Daisie tells her story had me both angry and uncomfortable, however, it is not gratuitous. When we are finally confronted with the actual environment from Daisie’s story, even knowing the space was unoccupied, I stilled skimmed through.

I would have liked to have seen more of Sir Henry’s relationship with his daughter, Emily, earlier rather than only hearing about it. I believe the stakes would have felt higher for me. Maybe more actual involvement of Emily to the plot as well. But those are small complaints that are easily overlooked because of the overall enjoyment of reading this book.

I highly recommend to any reader.

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