Never Too Late by Jo Barney
Never Too Late
by Jo Barney (Goodreads Author)

Read from October 02 to 05, 2015

This was an easy, quick read, but that’s not to minimize the strong themes present throughout.

Edith wakes up on Christmas morning to a dead husband who she didn’t really like all that much. She goes on a journey to figure out some mysteries her husband left behind, but instead solves some mysteries about herself she didn’t realize needed solving.

I loved the way the author handles race in this novel. Edith’s (who is white) sleuthing takes her to a predominantly black establishment and her dialogue (both internal and external) is so honest. She doesn’t try to be politically correct and that was refreshing.

This book is marketed as HenLit, and it is, but please do not let that deter you from reading if you’re not of a certain age. I don’t fall into the target audience and probably wasn’t super excited about reading it initially, but I would have seriously missed out on a wonderful book if I hadn’t decided to jump in. I can’t wait to read the other two novels she has out.

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