Big thanks to Cathie for reading and reviewing my book, and sweet relief for her liking it. I’m still smiling.

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dscn1419-e1437343695696One of the very best “perks” of being a new author is the friendships I’ve made along the way.  This is something I never anticipated when I signed with my publisher, Penner Publishing.  I imagined the entire process would be a solitary one, but the truth is that I’ve made some of the best friendships of my life among other new authors who are experiencing the same process right alongside me.  One of those authors is Kelly Cain, a new adult author whose debut novel, Altered, is due out on January 26.

Kelly was kind enough to allow me an early read of her novel and, though I count Kelly as a really good friend, the review I’m about to give is entirely honest and 100% unbiased.  I say this because, quite frankly…

I was blown away!

Those who know me know that I’m a prolific reader.  I’ll read almost…

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