Floating by Michelle Dare
Floating (Ray Point, #1)
by Michelle Dare (Goodreads Author)

Read from December 04 to 06, 2015

Lucy lives on the beach with her realtor mom, but doesn’t go near it or the water because of anxiety stemming from an accident years before. She’s taking the summer off, having just finished college, before she begins looking for a teaching job.

Lucy’s ex-boyfriend is both her hero and her reminder of her traumatic past. She’s trying to keep him in the friend-zone where he has no intention of being. Enter Ellis, who has also taken the summer off to hang out with his best buds at his parents’ beach house, while waiting to take the bar exam and look for lawyer jobs.

Ellis is obsessed with Lucy from the first time he sees her and after some serious stalking with his friends, he finally has a chance to ask her out. The story is told from from both POVs through chapter exchanges, which is always an interesting way to find out how the characters each feel about unfolding events.

This was a quick, fun read other than the anxiety elements which is a pretty serious subject. It was part of the angst that a story like this has to have, but didn’t feel gratuitous. Lucy is a well thought-out character and the author does a great job conveying Lucy’s emotions.

Ellis was a good guy and he and Lucy had a sweet relationship. He was so different from her ex-boyfriend, Gabe, that it had me wondering a little how they both fit into her life. I suppose that happens though, although it wasn’t an entirely easy fit.

There were other surprises, like with her dad, and another issue with the ocean, that added positively to the overall story. This is a good read for those who like romance a little on the sweet side, but with a little steam as well.

I received an ecopy of this title through the New Adult Book Club in exchange for an honest review.

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