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I’ve written about the restaurants referenced in my debut New Adult novel, Altered, because food is predominant throughout. I thought I might touch on a few of the non-eating establishments featured.

While attending Texas Southern University (TSU) in Houston, and even the year I spent in law school, I lived in a townhouse on Rosedale in 3rd Ward, bordering the museum district. This is where the story opens and the description of Liv driving into the garage, and looking up at the balcony is true to form. I’ve taken some liberties with other parts of the townhouse including the garden tub and the game room (there was actually a smaller third bedroom used as an office), but the closet is very much the same. I loved that closet.


Liv is a law school student. Once upon a time, I was a law school student. Liv attends a law school in downtown Houston. I attended South Texas College of Law in downtown Houston. Do you see where I’m going with this? I only spent a year there, but I really loved the STCL atmosphere. Like Nicholas, most days I would ride my bike to class because it was only a couple of miles from the townhouse. And like Liv and Nicholas, I met some really great people there.


Liv and Nicholas go to Ragin Cajun a couple of times (see my post here) and then go over to “Edwards.” They’re referring to Edwards Theater on Weslayan near Kirby. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this movie theater other than it’s rather large in the middle of town.


Our couple ventures out to the left coast and at some point makes it to Stanford. Originally, I mention them going to Stanford in passing, but my editor thought that since they went all that way, I should probably show them doing something. Because my cousin had started at Stanford when I was a senior in high school, I opted to tell a little about that. Because the events don’t veer too far from the truth, I’ll let you read about it instead of me telling you here. Suffice to say, I really enjoyed his frosh year.


My daughters and I are members of The Woodlands Church. After Liv and Nicholas go through their escapades in Austin, and Liv finally decides (wait…that’s probs a spoiler). So anywho, at some point Liv takes Nicholas to her church. I don’t write about their time at the church, only the car ride over. I don’t mention the church by name, but I do tell a little about the pastor and the awesomeness that is Fellowship of The Woodlands. If you’re ever in Houston, that’s the place to go on Sunday morning (or Saturday evening). They have a live online campus too!