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A few days ago, I wrote about my fascination with all thing Irish (see here). About three years ago, a friend suggested I watch Love/Hate on Netflix where I promptly started fangirling over the show, and especially Robert Sheehan, herein referred to as “The Sheehan.”

During the height of my The Sheehan crush, I started writing Altered. My hero, Nicholas Sheenan, is Irish-American, tall, fair-skinned with dark curly hair, and beautiful green eyes. Sound familiar? If not, have a look at The Sheehan. I’ll wait.

Okay, now that you’re back. Oh wait, just one…

The Sheehan

So anyway… Nicholas was obviously created to satisfy my The Sheehan obsession, at least his physicality. The actual person I based Nicholas on was an 18-year-old student I met in law school who was of average height and blond hair. Again, just one aspect was based on this person – his circumstance of being so young and accomplished (he was also a really sweet guy like Nicholas too). All actions of Nicholas in Altered are completely and totally fiction.

The main character in Altered, Liv, watches a lot of British and Irish television and Love/Hate is referenced more than once. Nicholas rarely watched tv, but he does walk in on Liv watching a particular scene that has her tearing up.

love hate

Writing Love/Hate into Altered was really cool for me because I think it’s such a great show. At least the first three season. I’m not sure how good it is after because once The Sheehan departed, I did too. I hear they’re making an American version which I’ll probably check out because of morbid curiosity. I can only hope it’ll be half as great as the original.