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I write what I see. And what I see is a diverse population going about their business, living their diverse lives.

I suppose my life experience is very much similar to many while at the same time being very different from others. I live in a culturally diverse neighborhood. My daughters attended culturally diverse schools. I work in a culturally diverse environment. The relationships I see every day are both culturally homogeneous and multicultural.


When I set out to write ALTERED, I patterned Liv after my daughter who is Creole, and Nicholas after Robert Sheehan, the actor, just because he was my celebrity crush at the time. It didn’t occur to me that I was doing anything special or outside the norm, but when it was time to market ALTERED, it was deemed a multicultural romance.

When writing Scale Steps, my heroine, Faith, is biracial (African-American and Irish) and she meets an actor, Andrew, from her favorite television show in Scotland, who is indeed… Scottish. Again, I didn’t set out to write a multicultural relationship, but rather a natural relationship born out of my usual surroundings.

So now I have branded myself a multicultural romance author because apparently that’s what I write. To me, I’m just writing about everyday life.