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 Take Two by Jim Cangany
Take Two (Irving University, #2)
by Jim Cangany (Goodreads Author)


Read from April 07 to 24, 2016

I read the first book in this series, and mistakenly thought the second book would be about the male main character’s sister (that’s book three which I’m looking forward to). When I found out it was about the female main character’s best friend, I internally groaned. I barely tolerated Ciara, and mostly disliked her because she was always listening to her mean best friend. I couldn’t imagine sitting through a whole book about this woman.

Whelp, I think I may like this one more than the first. There’s a little backstory, of course, which has shaped Marie into the woman she is and how she presents herself to the world. I think what makes her more likeable is how Cangany brilliantly gives us a nemesis we really dislike. Helen is reprehensible and sadly, believable, because I’ve personally experienced people like her.

The love interest is quite likable, attentive, hot, and everything a love interest should be. He has an interesting job and reason for being on campus which was fun to follow. Sports is truly my life, but I don’t usually follow triathlons (nor triathletes), but that angle was never boring.

And to really knock it out of the park for me… not one, but TWO Jason Mraz song references. Enough said.

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