I always seem to be in the middle of one project or another at various stages of the process.


Thinner Than Water – A “sliding doors” story of a woman living two very different lives – one with her adoptive parents and the other with her birth parents. Novel

1936 – A  woman discovers who her grandfather really was as a younger man making a life for himself and his family in depression-era Mississippi. Screenplay

High School Hate – A couple has a terrible breakup in high school, and continue that trend over the next few years. Will they have a second chance at love when they meet at their high school reunion, or will they continue to make each other’s lives miserable? Novel


Disparate Soul – Sixteen-year-old Christine Whitmeyer thought her magical abilities she’s been keeping under wraps was what made her heritage mysterious – not the fact that, unlike her schoolmates, she’s multiracial in a small suburban community. But while it isn’t as outwardly obvious, her abilities prove equally disruptive.

Adding to the chaos, her childhood friend, Oliver, suddenly barges back into her life to beg for her help after discovering a timeline-altering paintbrush has been stolen, by a culture she didn’t even know existed.  Christine is the key to finding it, using her magical power of persuasion. Along the way, she discovers her quest for the paintbrush is much more complicated than she imagined. She has a sword-wielding aunt whose abilities surpass her own, and who is crucial to stopping an unhinged politician – if Christine can retrieve the paintbrush and repaint the future timeline. Except her aunt doesn’t want to be found, nor does she want any part of the world she escaped long ago.

To accomplish their goal, Christine and Oliver must navigate secret societies and family feuds, futuristic monsters, and Christine’s new boyfriend, who may or may not be who he says he is. YA (Young Adult) low fantasy novel. Book 1 of The Sacred Brushes series