I always seem to be in the middle of one project or another at various stages of the process.


Thinner Than Water – A “sliding doors” story of a woman living two very different lives – one with her adoptive parents and the other with her birth parents. Novel


1936 – A  woman discovers who her grandfather really was as a younger man making a life for himself and his family in depression-era Mississippi. A screenplay

High School Hate – A couple has a terrible breakup in high school, and continue that trend over the next few years. Will they have a second chance at love when they meet at their high school reunion, or will they continue to make each other’s lives miserable? Short story


Scale Steps – Winning a trip to Scotland to meet the star of her favorite television show may seem like a dream, but this grieving woman only wants peace… and fun.

Faith Harris has lost her faith in love, in life, in her own ability to cope with all that is thrown at her. First she lost her father to a sudden illness while in the midst of her own divorce. Then she left her glitz-and-glam job as a Hollywood studio attorney. Now her college-bound daughter has left home and she’s alone and ready for a change. So when she wins a trip to Scotland, she jumps at the chance.

The highlight of the contest is spending the day with Andrew Spence, the star of her favorite television show, Skye. While Faith is a huge fan of Skye, she hadn’t given much thought to its star. Andrew is surprisingly open and friendly, and once he discovers Faith’s plan to hike up a nearby mountain the following day, he invites himself along. Their attraction is undeniable, but Faith is fearful of opening her heart again; especially to someone who is on the cusp of fame, potentially dragging her back into the life she’s tried to put behind her. She tests the waters of this unconventional relationship, but the distance, and social media backlash from the very fandom she is a part of, almost destroys their fragile bond. When Faith discovers that Andrew has been hiding his knowledge of her industry connections from her, it may obliterate it completely.


Disparate Soul – Sixteen-year-old Christine has always received grief for the fair skin and green eyes she inherited from her Irish grandmother, which belies her African-American heritage. She gained something else from her grandmother – unique abilities she’s so far struggled to comprehend:  the capacity to understand languages, get impressions from someone’s favorite food, and even to heal.

When Christine reconnects with her childhood friend, Oliver, she learns he’s part of a clandestine order, the Derwos Society, that protects the set of five paintbrushes which each have their own powers. But meeting Oliver was no accident. A timeline-altering paintbrush has been stolen from the order, and he’s been sent from the near future to retrieve it. Christine agrees to help, after being promised she’ll discover more about her powers along the way.

As Christine learns more about her own family and their position in Derwos history, she questions if she’s on the right side. She must choose to trust in her childhood friend’s motives or contemplate if the Derwos sub-group has the more pure cause. Making the wrong choice could prove to be the end of the world as they know it; and deep betrayal of her family. A YA (Young Adult) low fantasy novel. Book 1 of The Sacred Brushes series