The next day in class, things are back to normal.  The new normal.  Nicholas and I don’t look at each other and we go our separate ways after class.  I go to the gym and Drew is there.  He smiles at me and I go over to say hi.  I don’t want things to be weird between us too.

He gives me a hug and sighs before he says, “I don’t think you’ve worked things out with Nicholas still.  Am I reading that correctly?”

I really don’t want to talk to him about Nicholas, but I owe him the truth. “No, we haven’t been able to work it out, but you were right, Drew.  I have some unresolved feelings for Nicholas that are more than just friendly feelings.  I’m still trying to work through those.  I’m sorry I let stuff between us go as far as it did.  I guess I was in serious denial.”

He gives me one of those honest smiles I truly have not earned. “I knew what I was getting into, Liv.  I always knew you felt more for him than you knew.  I hoped I could win you over, but I was wrong to try.  I told you before you deserve everything and if it’s Nicholas you really want, you’ll have him.”

Looking at this amazing man, I wonder why it couldn’t be him.  I press my lips to his and breathe in his scent one last time.