An Acquired Taste

An Acquired Taste, Book 1 of The Everheart Brothers of Texas, releases June 8, 2021

An Acquired Taste


After four years at the country’s top culinary school and several years as head chef in her mother’s restaurant, Rowan Townsend still lacks the confidence to branch out on her own. A shame because Rowan’s farm-to-table collard greens have been bringing everyone to the yard, but poor reviews complaining about the long wait times aren’t a good look.

When a chef’s television competition comes to her attention, it seems the perfect opportunity to relieve the pressures of their growing business, and Rowan is thrilled when her family gets in. Competing against her culinary school nemesis, Knox Everheart, was not part of that plan. He may be arrogant and petty, but he’s also a gifted chef, and beating him won’t be easy. She never has before.

As the competition heats up, so does Rowan’s attraction to Knox, no matter how much she denies it. Somewhere between pasta and gumbo, these two arch-enemies have to decide exactly what it is they’re fighting for.

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To say Casie Armstrong is shy on first dates is an understatement. When she receives a Twitter message from a tattooed, self-identifying IT nerd, she finds comfort in online anonymity. After weeks of messaging, texting, and phone calls, they finally decide to meet. When they do come together, will it be as hot as their online hookups? Or will Casie revert to her normal introverted self?


Connections: A Steamy Short Story

In Déjà You, five authors share stories of second chances, as varied in telling as the writers themselves.

Some of the stories are sweet, some sad, some steamy, but all carry the same theme. Déjà You is a collection of stories for those who believe in love, but most of all, second chances.

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Déjà You: Stories of Second Chances
LoveUnlimitedAnthology-2800x4200 (2)

Explore the unlimited nature of love and its many incarnations in the Love Unlimited Anthology, featuring eleven stories that cross generations, cultural backgrounds, and borders. Love Unlimited will warm your heart, tickle your funny bone, and envelop you in the wonderful and complex human emotion the world calls “Love.”

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